Upgrade to membergroups based on specific rules - this and more possible?


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We're currently trying to create our new community with IPB and we want to see if xenForo can do what we want to do better.

Our community will have video courses, user blogs, custom downloads for members (pdfs, mp3s, videos).

Some pages we want to be custom pages that show progress of member in the courses, links to available downloads. Can custom pages be made within xenForo? Can information be pulled on a non-forum page about the name of the member, which member groups he's in, which badges he may have earned, etc.? And then show media based on that member's permissions etc.?

Our video courses work in such a way that a member has to post a topic and/or reply ina particular subforum, and only after he's done that, he can move on to the next subforum/lesson. In IPB I can solve this by using a 'data hook': Once a topic or reply is added, you can insert a hook which gets passed information from the topic or reply added, and then you can simply see 'if this was subforum X, and member did not have access to user group Y, then now grant that access'. When I wanted a member to both post a reply and post a topic, I would use a custom field in the database to save what the user had done so far. Once both tasks had been done, the new member group would be added to the member, and the new lesson would open up.

Does xenForo have similar action hooks?