Upgrade Beta 5 to RC 1, where's me lightbox gone then ....


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Figure I have done everything right, have the twitter links and inline editing, but not noting the lightbox awesomeness. Do we have to switch this on somehow, didn't see a link, or am I missing something in the upgrade process?


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The only lightbox related setting is in the ACP to show all images from the page or just from the current post.


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Deebs, good idea on the reverting of templates (something I must admit to not doing all that oftern).

Brogan, will have a fiddle about with the setting and see if it clicks something into gear, Deebs might be onto something with the caching - using FF which caches like a bas***d at the best of times.


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Nope not a cache issue as same issue in Safaria and IE.

Will try a new install and see if it's something to do with being on a windows server, who knows Bill Gates might hate the lightbox.