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Is it possible to change the expire date for active userupgrades?

I want to add 6 months for free to some useraccounts, but i'm not sure how i can make this.
I've just found a way to downgrade them, but not to give them some months for free.


XenForo moderator
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That's not currently possible.

A workaround is to downgrade them and then manually upgrade them again.
If it's not a permanent upgrade then you can manually set the expire date per user.

If it's a permanent upgrade then you can create a new upgrade with a fixed duration and set it to not purchasable, which you can use for this purpose.
Only administrators can apply it if it is set to not purchasable.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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This query will add X number of days to all active upgrades:

UPDATE xf_user_upgrade_active
SET end_date = end_date + X*60*60*24
But if you only want to extend some upgrades then you need to somehow specify that in the query. Or you can edit each upgrade manually like Brogan suggested.