Updating Problem


Ok, well here lately I been running into some issues one of which was assigning some mods / admins by changing the user groups well it never worked until I actually went into the assign mod/admin option in CP. Why does it not change when you switch there usergroup when editing a member?

(Main Issue)
Another Issue I noticed is I had some member sign up roughly 6-8 hours ago In my AdminCP it shows the new members listed (they validated their accounts and all) but my forum does not recognize it in either the members online, newest members or the members list page. Why is it not updating?

If this is issue on my side I can give access if someone can fix or is it just a super long delay to update that I haven't noticed in past?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The admin and mod groups define permissions on the front end. The permissions in the Admin CP are handled separately, not by the groups.

Regarding the new registrations... find their accounts in your Admin CP:

Admin CP -> Users -> Search for Users

Make sure their user state is "valid", otherwise they won't show in the member list on the front end:

Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 9.49.17 PM.png

Also make sure they aren't banned:

Admin CP -> Users -> Banned Users