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Hi Guys,

I had a quick look through the F.A.Q's done by Brogan and I also did some quick forum searches with no hits about my question, so hopefully I'm not doubling up on another post.

I run a forum - www.jvfocus.com. When users post a new thread, there is an image (attached) that displays at the bottom of the post. When this image is clicked it sends the clicker to a leadpage/aweber form. I would like to update this image with a new one. I know it can be done through the Forum Admin Settings but I can't find/remember where.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.



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If it was added manually via templates :

Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Styles & Templates -> Search Templates

Copy/paste the image or link and you should see which template it's in.


Thank You M@rc, for the information.

I have tried doing as you advised.

Didn't work at all.
Copying and pasting the image gives an error.
Copying the link only takes me to the leadpages email form, not the actual image that I attached.