[Unsolved] Is it possible to transfer a website from Windows 7 System To Linux system with sftp..

Hello there! I want buy a Xenforo license today to start fixing my website but i'm wondering if it's possible to set it up on a Windows 7 based system and later transfer all files over to a Linux (it's CentOS 6) based system with SFTP? Or is it better to generate all files on the dedicated (linux) server?
All replies are appreciated, thank you!
@Jeremy @Brogan
Will all Xenforo's files be saved into Mysql and if yes do I Only need to transfer the Mysql files or are there any other files saved in some other places on the computer?
And is there any difference between generating files on Windows than Linux?
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There are two components: the database and the files.

No, there is no difference.
The files are not generated, they are simply extracted from the .zip package and uploaded.