United States Of Tara - So Funny...

Anthony Parsons

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Just watched the first episode of United States of Tara, and OMFG... that is so funny. I didn't watch the second one yet because I have to show my wife to see if she likes it... then we can watch the second together and laugh. (We have certain shows we only watch together, usually in bed)

One husband, two kids and multiple personalities. The tag line is appropriate.

Buck just cracked me up, especially when Buck started laying into the boyfriend, then the son as well. The teenage one, Shoshang (I think it is)... what a laugh when she pops up in the teen daughters clothing... all obviously too small for her. I am anticipating that Alice is shown in the second episode... looking forward to watching this series.


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I really like this show, going to buy it on DVD when I can find it - given up watching it on telly as I can never guarantee I will see an episode.

Toni Collette is brilliant in all her personas, the kids and hubby are great too!