Uninstall Members List [Deleted]

Adam Howard

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Uninstall Members List (version 1.0) - No more members list, but keep user profiles

Adam Howard (once known as TheVisitors)​
Jake Bunce​

What does this do?

This completely removes all signs of the members list from your forum, but still allows you to have user profiles.

  • No tabs
  • No links
  • No back link redirects
  • No breadcrumbs
  • Useless to manually type in the address...
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Adam Howard

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Question: I noticed you listed this as Open Source. Does that mean I can use this in another modification, add-on, template, skin, or 3rd party product of my own design, to release and distribute?

Answer: YES. When labelled as such (almost of my resources are), you are completely free to use whatever free open source I have shared. However, please give credit where is it due (as with any other open source code). :)


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Actually nevermind because I actually use the Member's List to look for peeps sometimes.