Unfurling of a reddit link puts a massive space?


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I just created a thread with reddit links in them.

Is this how they suppose to look? It adds a big blank space between the link and my first sentence.


This is the text in code format:


This is about IMDB's forums where they talk about how they miss it since they closed it years ago. This thread was created hours ago.

I fished out for you those messages relevant for us to make a point.
Firefox here: 114.0.1 (64-Bit)

My adblocker is disabled (it still could be it) or a cookie consent problem I assume (for which I gave permission to).

On Firefox private mode it is the same problem.

On Chrome same problem.
Reddit has had some server issues over the last few days as people run scripts to delete their accounts a post at a time. This may be the cause of the above rendering issues where Reddit has not been able to keep up with the load on their services.
No, it's not due to people deleting their content, nor reddit load. I've noticed this a while back as well. It's one reason I've completely disabled automatic embeds on my site.
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