XF 2.2 Unfurl-Boxes with images wrong height on Android devices


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Quite a few members have the same issue, one that I can't reproduce and also I see no clue in the HTML/CSS about what this could be caused by.

The boxes, that are created when posting a link to contain the data pulled from the site are show with an extreme height, more than visible viewport-height. This happens for them on all styles and with all links with images in them.

If I log in as one of those users on my Android, everything shows fine. I also checked this with all 3 styles (two color-variants of default and one modded "shades of gray")

Since I can't reproduce it, I am out of ideas where to look...

Edit: solved - it was found, that one of the themes did not have this issue, so I compared the extra.less code related to unfurl and used the same code from the dark theme in the other themes - now it is ok for all users again... :)
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