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Unexpected Error


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After backuping up my site last night I wake up this morning to find a unexpected error in database. I contacted server peeps.

In server it shows 0.14MB for database, the database that I took last night was 13.5MB. Came out twice the samething.

Well site was working fine when I went to bed at 1am now at 8am and after two hours with server peeps they say database is corrupt! I tried to do a restore of last night and it had critical error on it. I did another restore that I had and it took me back to I think now before I did the update to the candidate 2


I have the database here why is it all the sudden corrupt and I lost many post?

Just Really Bored


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It might help others if you explain what you did to resolve it.

I have seen at least one other person who reported a corrupt database.


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The server peeps told me the database was corrupt. I don't know i am not a techy...

I had one that I tried to restore and got a error in MyphpAdmin. after I posted here I had other backups as well but what I did was

I deleted the database>created new database (same name, user, password)>than I restored the one that gave me a error earlier tying to restore it.

So far everything is working but I have no idea how to tell if it is corrupt, that is just what the server peeps said after trying to see why it wasn't working when I woke up this morning.

Does that help?