XF 1.2 Understanding style directories and imagePath


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I want to be sure I'm on the right track with how to structure my custom style.

My current understanding is that I should do the following:
  • Set @imagePath to style/MyStyle
  • Put any custom files that my style needs in the style/MyStyle directory (or directories below it)
  • Copy all of style/default/xenforo over to style/MyStyle/xenforo
  • Customize any avatars, smilies, editor icons, etc inside style/MyStyle/xenforo
When a new XenForo version comes out I will need to copy any non-customized files over again from style/default/xenforo to style/MyStyle/xenforo.

Does this sound correct?


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Yes, correct except for one thing; you will only need to copy over changed or new style files when upgrading.