XF 1.5 Undelete the posts deleted or edited by the member

One of our forum member has deleted her posts, Could you please tell me the procedure to undelete the posts or restore the Unedited version of the posts.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Do you have a recent backup from before the deletions / edits? If not you should ask your host if they have one. You can restore the backup and lose recent content since the backup was made. Or you can attempt to selectively restore just those posts. This requires some SQL dexterity.

If there is no backup then you might still be able to do something if the posts were only soft deleted. A soft deleted thread / post involves these database fields:


Soft deletions also always have a record in xf_deletion_log.

Tracy Perry

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Any possibility of adding a checkbox restore on the show deleted posts page @AndyB? One by one could take a long time in the case of hundreds of posts.
Most likely to get a reply (and keep this thread on topic) by posting your question/request in the discussion topic for the add-on you are asking about.