XF 1.2 Unable to post/reply to some threads.


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For some reason, recently, several users are unable to post on certain threads/posts.

They do have the permission - I have recently come across the issue myself.

We are on 1.2.1 and are planning to update. This is happening on DEFAULt/vanilla theme as well as our purchased PixelEdit theme.

Below is a screenshot

It highlights like it is going to post but doesnt do anything and then eventually goes back. I have tried Firefox/Chrome and both do not work. I'm thinking something got corrupted and not sure an update to 1.2.2 will fix the issue.

Any idea?


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Do you encounter the problem with all add-ons disabled and any additional non-core JavaScript removed from the templates?


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I've updated to latest 1.2.4 and this is still occurring on the post/thread above.

I guess the next step is to disable one addon at a time until it stops - any ideas?


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What is the URL to the post that users can't post to?
It's different for users. The one I can't reply to is this one.

Some new users are having troubles even adding their own thread/post applying to the server's whitelist.

I'm working on disabling addons - we just updated to 1.2.4 and I was hoping that would magically fix it.
I don't believe this was because we installed a new addon, I believe over time, something has become corrupted and its appearing more and more.
Note we've been running XF for the last 2+ years.