UK Solar Panels - Anyone have them?


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Well with the upcoming changes to the feed in tarrif, it looks like now is a good time to get some solar panels while on the higher tarrif.

There are hundreds of companies offering panels of some sort or another, but after some first hand opinions please.

Anyone got solar panels, have they been worth the investment? Who did you use? How was the workmanship, the customer service, punctuality etc?



Anthony Parsons

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Yes they work, but you must factor in climate and location within the world to how big or small a system you need.

A 2kw system gets far better performance closer to the equator than a 2kw system further away from the equator.


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a couple of friend of mine have them.

Cost £££ to install (i think one of them cost £12k), however they now basically have no electric bills and get paid for what they generate. Tho apparently it's spooky having an old meter and watching the dial go backwards....


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At home in the south, I'm looking outside and I see cloud. I've had little sunlight this year. They won't be as effective for me.