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Nice style. Liking the colours so great job.

I'd suggest fixing up the breadcrumbs it is a little broken in firefox with the arrows having a space within.


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Looks like there must have been an issue in 1.2b1 which has been resolved in 1.2b2 as the code on here is different.


height: 24px;
max-width: 100%;

To 'Breadcrumb > Item Content' and 'Breadcrumb > Breadcrumb' in Style properties resolves it (copied from here :))


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Heh, interesting design... not sure if I like it or not... Its clean at least.
It was all dark to start with, using the flame top effect with a trans black finish instead of the bright orangey/browny to yellow sunburst, but it looked too dull, hoping the guitarists amongst us will 'get it' :)