XF 2.2 (Ublock) Page refresh - settings?


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I had a member ask if we can modify the page refresh?

"I like to keep a browser window with unloaded tabs I intend to return to, but VI-Control threads refresh automatically, even if my cache is cleared and they are reloaded without a connection. Is there any way to disable this behavior?"

Sounds counter to what the forum should be doing, imho, but I thought I'd ask.

UPDATE: The same member wrote again:

I have a window open with a number of tabs, and reload them in airplane mode so they take up (nearly) no memory or cache space and there can't be any active elements to consume bandwidth.

VI-Control has some sort of placeholder page that loads instead of the browser's default "problem loading page" and contains a script that reloads the tab whenever a connection is detected. I've been able to isolate what the script is:

<script> window.addEventListener('online', function() { window.location.reload(); }); </script>

so now it's just a matter of figuring out how to block it in ublock."

Is that something we should touch?

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