Two Completely Different Forum Options - Choose on Registration....


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Okay I have an issue with a very established forum.

Let's say I have two main member group types. For example (and it's not these types but this gives a good example) I have super professional athletes clique who are brilliant amongst themselves, and a amature weekend fitness crew who are again brilliant amongst themselves.

But they don't mix.

And they equally have made the forum what it is.

But for me to better it, I'm going to have to section some parts off, each. And then have some communal areas still, both sports related, and off-topic.

Now I don't mind doing some batch updates and working out who should be in which. And I don't mind making forum categories and setting up permissions etc. But what I can't be arsed to do on-going is manually ask and then edit each new user into the said main key groups.

So how would one set this up right from the start during registration? Can I have a drop down that asks the user, and whichever option they pick is aligned to add them to a usergroup?

Has anybody got this kind of setup?