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I woke up to two of these today, and I suppose I'll eventually get two more, since I have Twitter integration apps for four forums. Anyone else get the same notice?

This is a notice that your application, [domain] forum integration, is no longer allowed to perform write operations.

Please make sure that your application follows Twitter's API Terms of Service

To request that your application be re-enabled for write operations, please visit our support form.

The Twitter forum login/account creation still works, so it doesn't look like it broke anything (yet?). I don't think the forum integration needs to write to Twitter, but it's just odd that they would now - long after I set these up - revoke one of the permissions.


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Is there strange behavior on your twitter account that is causing this? Did your forum make a lot of tweets on your twitter?


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Only one of the four forums is set up to tweet links, and that happens through a third-party app (which doesn't use my Twitter api key). It only posts a few tweets a week. So it seems unlikely that's the issue, since their api key is unrelated to mine. Mine are only used for the XF Twitter integration.

I guess I'll hear back from Twitter (some day). Maybe they'll shed some light.


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I got two today also.. The only changes I've made recently regarding twitter was adding digital point share bar plugin .
We have a scheduling platform for our clients and so far 20 of them have had this happen today. We can't find a single theme that links them all, other than they all have an API key! We have contacted Twitter from ONE account asking why specifically it was cancelled, but there appears no obvious reason. One client has only just gone live on Friday and had only made 2 posts (neither of them spammy or containing links) and they only had 1 follower (a friend, not a bot!)
If I find anything out I'll post it here, so please do keep me posted if you hear anything.
Good luck all!

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These suspension notices are popping up all over the web. Twitter did this a few years ago too. It was around the time they became mega-popular. You'll want to contact them of course, but whether they give you the time of day is up to them. If a few people were affected, then it wouldn't be a big deal. Common sense would suggest they did something bad. However, when you look at various forums that cater to small businesses and such, and they're posting about how their Twitter API keys were suspended, you get the impression that Twitter messed up internally.
I contacted Twitter yesterday about all client accounts but have not heard back, however I also completed a response form directly on behalf of one of our clients, and Twitter removed the API limitation overnight and that account is working again this morning (with an apology from Twitter about the mistake), PHEW! We are now contacting Twitter directly on behalf of all clients, so hopefully this was just a case of Twitters anti-spam algorithm reaching a little too far.

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I stopped using a direct write add-on long ago because Facebook and Twitter kept changing their methods, and thus I use twitter feed instead and haven't received any such notices.

lazy llama

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As far as I can remember, in our case the affected Twitter API key is only used for the "Sign in with Twitter" XenForo functionality, so probably isn't writing to Twitter anyway.