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With Tumblr removing all adult content in a couple of weeks, I'm concerned how this might affect images that are hotlinked/embedded into forum posts via BBCode using the [ img ] tag. Because Tumblr has been so generous with their bandwidth – freely allowing hotlinking for many years – I suspect many forum admins have availed themselves of this and will be hit fairly hard when the change comes.

We do not run an adult forum, but we do have some R-rated content (tasteful nude, etc). Depending on how Tumblr decides to define "adult", we (and many other forums) could see some or all of our image hotlinks break later in the month as Tumblr purges them from their media servers. If I understand usage of the XF image proxy correctly, extending the proxy expiration time may help mitigate this, but the hotlinks/embeds will nonetheless eventually "break".

I'm curious if anyone has created - or has considered - a script that would go through all forum posts and take anything that looks like this:


And do these steps:
  • upload the image to the local server or to an image sharing service such as Imgur
  • change the post's BBCode [ img ] URL to reflect its new location

Doing this manually would be nearly impossible for us, so I figured I'd inquire... I have to imagine many other admins are thinking about this - especially those who run forums with truly adult content.
Hi @Gossipy
Imgur Image hosting add-on available at:
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