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[TTG] Quick Node and Resource Filter - A Quick Node and Resource Search Custom Addon

Quick Node & Resource Search - Why Do You Need That Addon?
Do you have number of forums and thousands of users on your Forum? Do you dealing with millions of resources on your forum?

If Yes, Obviously, Your users feels queasy to search his required forums or resource to post. It's frequent hurdle. Though, Quick Node and Resource Search will make it easy to reach your required post with a single click.

Just Install on your forum and...

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Cool Idea, very helpfull! Small change with big impact.

Maybe you could add a option to show the Filterbar after the Board-Title (little above the current position) and an own css-class for this element for easyier customizing the look and feel?
I'm trying to install it on XF 2.1 but get the error:
  • File could not be opened as a zip (9)
I managed to install it locally on XF 2.2 and had not had any problems with installing other add-ons on my XF 2.1 website.
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