XF 1.4 Trying to batch update users with secondary group

Ok, running 1.4.2 and where I have a promotion running, it requires everyone to login to get the automatically added to a secondary user group I have created.

The idea is to use the secondary group to use the watch addon for a specific node.

But I want to get all users that have logged in since sept 2014 in the secondary group now.

So, did a search of users logged in since 1st sept 2014 and not in the new group - ok.
Listed them all, np
Selected batch update and set add to the specific secondary group. Clicked process - np

But no matter what i do, the only ones that have the secondary group added are the ones that have logged in the last day as thats when I did the promotion.

Any ideas?


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Run Rebuild User Group Promotions in the Tools and it will apply it to all members.