Try and help get the word out that Xenforo is moving forward.


First let me say that I probably know as little as most regulars here about the entire lawsuit situation, the owners of Xenforo, etc. I'll be honest in that my motivations are entirely selfish. Xenforo is still the best option for me and I want to see it grow in features and quality.

If you use and have decided to stay with Xenforo as your forum platform, it benefits everyone to help get the word out that the lawsuit is over and Xenforo is moving full steam ahead. The more Xenforo customers there are, the better off we all are.

I'm not asking anyone to start spamming other forums. I know many of you are members of other communities and there are discussions about Xenforo and the lawsuit. I think it's certainly fair to update any existing discussions with the latest news about the end of the lawsuit and the news that Xenforo is moving forward. If you are a member of a community where this news is relevant to the topic and guidelines of that community then by all means create a new thread.

There are a LOT of people out there that wanted/want to use Xenforo but couldn't/didn't want to risk moving ahead because of the uncertain times. I was one of them. They want to know that Xenforo is moving forward.

The quicker we can grow the Xenforo customer base and community, the quicker we will all benefit.
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