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Trust+ -=- Block throwaway accounts - Trust+ blocks disposable email addresses, proxies, and other fraudulent users.

Trust+ is a risk analysis system designed to aid forum administrators, e-shop owners, contest hosts and other webmasters in weeding out fraudulent registrations. Unlike similar services, Trust+ takes a multi-faceted approach to identify different risk factors. Detections include:

  • The detection and blocking of Tor users
  • The detection and blocking of disposable e. mail addresses
  • The detection and blocking of fake e. mail addresses
  • The detection of users who may be using...
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Is it $5 once or per month or what?

Could be good to detail pricing details without having to PM you.

Is there a website for this Trust+ Service?

The pricing is based on the amount of queries, and is per month. I will update the addon with this information, thank you.

Beta Pricing
1000 requests/mo - 5$ monthly.
2500 requests/mo - 10$ monthly.
5000 requests/mo - 20$ monthly
5000+ requests/mo - contact us.

Our website is at


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Bug Fix, Logging, and maintenance

Bug Fixes
  • A bug preventing the use of this add-on with certain SSL configurations has been fixed. (currently a work-around is in place, full fix soon!)
  • A phrase has been updated.
New Features
  • Failed registrations are now logged in the Spam Trigger Log.
  • Failure to call the Trust+ API is now logged in the Server Error Log.
  • Users now have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of risk scoring on the Trust+ website based on the type of detections...
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