Troubleshooting FAQ / Frequent Problems & Solutions

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If you are having issues with your installation, the following is a list of common problems and their most likely solutions.

Problem: Login Slider / Login Form is not working.
Solution: The most common cause of the login form and slider not opening and/or working is CloudFlare's RocketLoader script. If you are using CloudFlare, check your settings to verify if you are running it and disable it if you are. Below are some related links to this issue:

P: I get an error when attempting to load a page and it states "MySQL server has gone away".
S: This is an issue with your server and something your host will be the best to help you solve. If you attempt to reload the page/rerun the task you received the error on, it is a possibility that it will be successful. Here are some related links to this specific error:

P: Users are requiring administrator approval regardless of my "Enable Manual Approval" setting.
S: XenForo 1.2+ comes with a set of spam prevention features that will verify a registration against Stop Forum Spam, DNSBLs, and Project Honey Pot. Depending on your settings, it will either reject registrations or place them in manual approval. Check your spam settings here:
ACP -> Options -> Spam Management

Further Reading:

P: I have seen a "Deadlock found when trying to get a lock" MySQL error in my error logs.
S: Reload the page to restart whatever process you were attempting. Deadlocks can occur with any transaction or query in an InnoDB MySQL database. They are very difficult to programmatically prevent and shouldn't occur often. If they occur fairly often, it is recommended that you discuss possible solutions with your host. Here is some further reading related to deadlocks:

P: My Moderators / Administrators cannot handle reports or see the moderation queue.
S: These two functions are defined as moderator only functionality. As such, they must be made an explicit moderator in the ACP to access them. To add a moderator, please follow these steps:
ACP -> Users -> Moderators -> + Create New Moderator

In XenForo, administrators are not inherently moderators, so they too must be made a moderator in the system. On new installations, the first user created will be automatically made a moderator, administrator, and super administrator.
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