XF 1.1 Trouble uploading images and changing avatars


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We had to restore a backup from June 15th 2012 last night due to sub-par server experience and now we have a few issues floating around.

1. we cannot change/adjust avatars, there is NO ERROR they just do not change... they don't load, etc

2. when trying to upload any images (especially for my front page banner rotation), I get this error:

Any suggestions?

Jake Bunce

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That is an undefined upload error. It could be anything.

Is there anything in the log?

Admin CP -> Tools -> Server Error Log

Check the permissions for data and internal_data. Both directories and their contents need to be writable (chmod 777).

Also, what image library are you using?

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Attachments -> Default Image Processor

Try a different library if available.