Trophy Points for Titles: Help Me Think This Through


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Ok, our title structure from our previous forum was as follows:

0 - Visitor
31 - Adventurer
100 - Journeyman
300 - Seasoned Veteran
500 - Sage
750 - Lore Keeper
1000 - Lore Master
1250 - Slightly Crazed
1500 - Certifiable
2000 - Babbling Loonie
3000 - Crazed Zealot
4000 - Grand Inquisitor
5000 - Grand Poobah
7500 - Stratics Legend

Being new to the trophy system, I set up trophies that awarded these points based on the appropriate number of post counts. Then I set up trophy titles based on the number of points.

Big mistake. I didn't realize post counts added to one another, so now everyone's a Stratics Legend.

How can I achieve this same post/title structure using the trophy system?


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Create trophies based on those post counts.

Create user titles based on the cumulative points awarded for each trophy.