Other Trophies


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Ok, I am not creative, so looking here for help.

Looking for about 40 trophies to use on my site, based off the criteria you are able to use on Xenforo.


I realize this is rather boring to do, but if anyone is interested in helping out, I could possibly pay $10 via PayPal. Or if you are feeling nice and just wanna help... hahaha. ;)

If you are in search of the $$$, feel free to PM me the list. I will only accept the best one (all 40 named with criteria) to send payment to.

My site is http://www.AWalkerBit.me if you are looking for ideas. Have to be zombie themed or Walking Dead themed.

Look forward to some ideas and suggestions.


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Note: No payment will be received unless the entire list meshes well with the site.... I can work on some of the names, that isn't too hard. However, the criteria needs to fit well. Many types implemented.


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Brain Damaged >> 1 - 2 postcount
Surviving >> 3 - 5 postcount
Hunting >> 6 - 10 postcount
Infectious >> 11 - 20 postcount
Survivor >> 21 - 40 postcount minimum
Hunter >> 41 - 75 postcount minimum

Probably bad suggestions but there might be one or two you will like when my brain kicks out of neutral.