XF 1.1 Tried to install a plugin (VaultWiki) ,failed, homepage doesn't work now

I tried to install the VaultWiki beta last night (shame on me), the install failed at step 4 ... problem is the homepage for our site no longer works. Functionality works if you hit any sub-url or page or forum listing, but just not the homepage...

Any advice?


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Its best to contact the author of VaultWiki, the install failed and its best for him to determine what went wrong and how to fix it.


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In case someone else finds this thread looking for a solution:
The OP used another Add-On "AddOn Install & Upgrade" to attempt installing VaultWiki. Due to a bug in AddOn Install & Upgrade at the OP's time of posting, it unzipped VaultWiki files to the wrong locations (including placing a 0-byte index.html file in the forum's home directory).

If an add-on recommends a specific install procedure, it's best to follow those instructions rather than trying to take a shortcut.