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Xon submitted a new resource:

Tending Sidebar for Xentag - Adds a XenTag's trending sidebar item

Injects a XenTag's trending sidebar widget without requiring [db] Widget Framework. Uses the default trending tags options, and caches the results.

Biggest differences from the stock widget for [db] Widget Framework:
  • Caches for the results, rather than querying on each page.
    • Trending tag cache is flushed after tag view stats are updated.
  • Invalidates the tag cache on tag delete.
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Nice :) thx :)
Can you add a xenporta2 widget also ?
Kind regards

Sorry, I don't have a licence for XenPorta 2. And as such, can't develop against a target I've never seen before.

Additionally, I have quite a few other outstanding and ongoing commitments so my time is booked for a while.
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