Trasnfer Template Changes


I am pretty new, so perhaps this has already been addressed.

I'm had Xenforo for only about a week now, and in that time I manage to make quite a few template changes, (with the help of the lovely community Resources).

However, today I managed to decided to change to a different style, and low and behold, all my template changes are gone and now I have to redo them :cry:.

Is there no add-on that can transfer template changes from one style to the other?

If not, it will be a most helpful addition.

edit - sorry for the misspelled title, I couldn't figure out how to edit it :confused:


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Yeah. Install Template Modification System, Enable Debug, go to AdminCP/Appearance/Styles/Master Style/Template Modifications/Create New Template Modification

Apply your template changes there. Any new style you install should inherit the changes. Just remember to NEVER edit the actual templates of the Master Templates.