Transliteration function help


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I am trying to implement a transliteration function to my forum.

I've added this code to the source of the JS function inside the <head></head> section of the forum inside the PAGE CONTAINER template.
<script language="javascript" src="blahblahsomesourcetomyfolder/translit.js"></script>
Then I've added a button to call up my function of transliteration inside the EDITOR_QUICK_REPLY template.

<input id="translit_button" type="button" value="Translit" onClick="translit('target_of_the_textbox_where_to_translit_the_text');">

My question is the following: what is the name of the quick reply textarea box, where I type the text? I need the name of it, so that my function can take the text from there and transliterate it.

Thanks in advance for your help!