Translator System


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Hello fellow XF developers,

I am and have been in the process of creating a universal "Translation Addon" for XenForo. Basically the system will allow you to install, setup any translator software out there such as Google Translator, Bing Translator etc. using their API based systems.

I have the system successfully working on one of our products, and right now there are a few bugs I need to fix up.

One of the major problems is sometimes when updating a simple phrase such as "vote_now"...

You add this into lets say 3 templates before creating the phrase, well for some reason I am getting a 30 second timeout error because it is taking a long time to update those three templates. Basically it is not updating...

My work around is i'd have to rename "vote_now" to like "vote_now2" and add the phrase, then go back and rename all the phrases to be vote_now again...

Any ideas why it would be doing this?