Translation problem / Error 500


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Hi there,

I have a problem. I translate my copy of XenForo step by step. So if I think this Phrase should be translated I log in my admin panel and translate it.

The Problem is, if this phrase is a phrase which is not used often it works perfect. But if the phrase is used often the process end's up in an Error 500.

So I think this is because of the script execution limit on my shared host. Max execution time ist 90 sec and if I need 100% of cpu usage is shortened to 20 sec. Maybe the change on phrase wich are often used needs to long to recache?

So I asked my hosts. They now look deeper into it. But they recommanded I should suggest here to split the process in more smaller processes so the script limit per script isn't reached. I think this could be a problem by many user with shared hosting ?!

What s yout optionen is my idea right, or is there another reason?


While I have written this post, my hoster gave me an answer. He said, that the script is at 100 % CPU usage and so it is stopped after 20 sec. And I should ask here for an solution :)

Greetings Benny


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I had the same problem. I got "max execution time" errors when trying to edit some phrases. But I have my own server and I increased the number and fixed it. I had to set it to "500" Values below 500 didn't work.

This seems to be a bug because you should never have to set it to such high value. You have to ask your host to increase it but they may not want to do this on a shared server.


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Hi estranged,

thank for reply. I did ask my host to increase the value, but they said: "not on shared hosting servers". But they said also, that this could be fixed by xenforo developement by splitting it into many little processes instead of one which reaches the limit. I hope this will come!