Translating Xenforo threads, does anyone run a multi-language Xenforo site?


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I ran across IGN how they have numerous ign subdomains (ex: ) and it got me thinking about our Xenforo forums.....

1. Does anyone run a multi-language xenforo forum? If so do you just have different language areas?

2. What if we created multiple subdomains - had an RSS feed to automatically pull all our english posts - then automatically google translate it - then automatically post on the subdomain.

Is something like that even possible?

Wonder if installing xenforo on numerous subdomains like IGN so we could pull in countries worldwide to discuss our same topics but in their own language.

To me this would be huge but what are your thoughts on 'how' to run a multi-language forum within one install or multiple installs.


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Automatic translation is pretty poor. I have considered it, but do not see it as an option. I have a forum category in English, Dutch, German and have social groups for 181 countries.
It would be very useful if Xenforo would cater to multilingual websites, but currently that's not the case.
One solution I see is use a multisite / single sign on to connect multiple installations. Unfortunately Naathans addon is deleted.