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Transition from MyBB

I have an installation of MyBB in the root folder of my hosting site. Is it possible to install Xenforo in a folder in the root directory, import all the data from my existing installation of MyBB, and then make the Xenforo folder the opening folder for the website? I am trying to figure out how to do this.... Does that sound feasible?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Yes, you can install XF in a folder in the root, do the import, then move both of the installations so the XF files are in the root and the MyBB installation is archived/in a folder.
That won't mess up the XF installation if I move it to the root after installing it into a folder? Do I need to change any of the settings first?
Okay...so...let me make sure I have this before I hate myself for a couple of days. I can make a folder called XF. Install XF into that folder. Import my existing MyBB. Make a separate folder to archive my existing MyBB and then move the XF out into the root directory. At that point I will still be able to log into XF (after moving) to make the one change you mention in the ACP? I only say this because as you probably know if you move the forum I have now and try to log in you get error messages galore.... Thanks for your help btw. It is appreciated.