RM 1.0 Transferring RM from one site to another

Jeff Fuqua

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I purchased RM a while back but would prefer to use it for another site I am creating now. Can I make this switch? If so, how? Thanks.


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IMO the easiest way would be to switch your license urls:D (much easier and faster then starting ticket and asking..)

I hope i understood your question right^^
If yes =>

Old license with RM => use for the new project
New license without RM => use for the old project


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As Shelley has said, official add-ons are linked to a specific license, so you would need to do what xf_phantom has suggested.

As for the content, there is no way of moving it over so you would need to uninstall it from the current site and reinstall it as a new add-on on the new site.

Jeff Fuqua

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Sorry to confuse. I've not used the RM at all. I don't see where I am able to change the url for RM.

Are you saying I should switch the forum url info? I don't want to break nuttin'. :)