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Traditional Chinese translation (including simplified Chinese version) of XenForo (繁體中文與簡體中文) 1.4.3

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CJC submitted a new resource:

Traditional Chinese translation of XenForo (繁體中文!) - Traditional Chinese translation for Xenforo

English Description:

1) It's a compressed zip file. It should automatically be opened on a Mac or PC. You can upload/ import the XML file to your Xenforo!

2) There are about 85 to 95% of the content are translated to traditional Chinese. Although it's not 100%, it will work just fine for your website members, since most of the untranslated phrases are for the Admin CP.

3) You may use some Chinese translation/ convertor to translate the content to simplified Chinese, but you may have to...

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That has nothing to do with you. It's just their official Xenforo Resources server only allows certain file types, for example jpg, PDF....etc but not .xml file. It doesn't make sense...... So I had to host that XML file on my website as an external download link.

Anyway, just download it and import the XML file to your Xenforo. It will work!


Thank you, Brogan! I didn't see that. Anyway, external download link works fine. I will upload the zip file to Xenforo official site next time.


A simplified Chinese version is included now (the zip file contains 2 XML files), though please read the description carefully if you will use the simplified Chinese version.

I wanted to change the URL, but the editing page doesn't allow me to do so. Looks like I can only change the information sessions. Any idea?


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You can't change the resource type.

You would have to delete this one and create a new one.


Thanks! I see. Anyway, what I did is I just uploaded a new zip file with the same name to the same URL. This new zip file contains 2 different XML files though.


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You might want to put your translation on Github so people can easier help you to correct or translate some phrases. (You will have to accept the modifications to make them effective). It is really easy to do. There's an official GUI (windows & mac) that makes the program very easy to use (here's an example for a French translation).


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Thanks for the translation. The language code for Simplified should be changed to zh-CN. Currently, it is zh-TW which is not correct.