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Unmaintained Traditional Chinese translation (including simplified Chinese version) of XenForo (繁體中文與簡體中文) 1.4.3

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  1. 1.4
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It's a compressed zip file which includes 2 XML files (one for Traditional Chinese; one for simplified Chinese). It should automatically be opened on a Mac or PC. You can import the XML file to your Xenforo!* Please read the followings if you are using the simplified Chinese version.

(檔案是壓縮過的 zip 檔,解壓縮後會有ㄧ個繁體檔,ㄧ個簡體檔。如果你用 Mac 或 PC 的話,會自動打開成 XML 檔,再上傳此檔案到您的 Xenforo 即可!* 如果您將使用簡體版,請讀以下說明。)
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English Description:

1) There are about 85 to 95% of the content are translated to traditional Chinese. Although it's not 100%, it will work just fine for your website members, since most of the untranslated phrases are for the Admin CP.

2) A simplified Chinese version is also included but it was simply converted by software. So some simplified Chinese translations will NOT be idealistic but at least its a start. You may have to change some phrases properly by yourself.

3) If you improve this translation, please share your work with me and everyone! It will be much easier for new Chinese Xenforo users to adopt this great forum scripts. You may share your translation on this Xenforo Resources Community or contact me to host the file for you.


Chao-Jan Chang



1) 此繁體中文版本大約完成了 85-95% 的翻譯。儘管不是全部,已經足夠讓ㄧ般論壇用戶使用順暢。沒翻譯的部份大多是給管理員的後端操作界面。

2) 兩個檔案裡有ㄧ個是簡體版,但請注意此簡體版只是用程式將繁體版自動轉換,用於方便簡體用戶做個開始以節省時間,許多用語會不盡人意。請自行將部份辭彙修改。

3) 如果您改進了這個版本或有最新版本,請務必分享給大家!這樣可以讓更多人使用中文的 Xenforo,也讓 Xenforo 對中文用戶更重視。您可以在此分享您的檔案,或者跟我連絡。


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Thank you for your contribution! I've downloaded the file and installed on my site, it works well. I wish I could do something in converting the phrases into simplified Chinese. You rock Mr. Chang!
I'm not going to rate this translation for its quality (I haven't installed it yet and it's not possible to evaluate a text that hasn't been written in one's own mother language) but for the efforts that must have put into to release it. Congratulations and keep on going :)

As said by pm, thanks again !
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