Traders / Vendors - how do you structure their accounts?


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Hi Guys,

We've had traders (as we call them in the UK, they appear to be called Vendors elsewhere) and we've had two levels.

Trader & Trader+. Trader+ gets everything Traders do, but they also get a banner advert.

Traders can promote themselves in their signatures, so the ones that take part in the community tend to get decent coverage because their signature is seen alot.

But recently we've had a trader+ member complain because the lower level (and thus cheaper) level Trader was getting more coverage because they were posting more and he felt this was unfair as he'd paid more.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues in the past and if you have traders advertising on your site, do you offer different levels or is it just a single one?

He's suggested that Traders aren't allowed to promote themselves in Signatures - something I'm not really seriously considering because it would annoy the rest of the traders we have on the site!

When we move to XF, I intend to integrate Traders a bit more visibly in the website, something the VB layout really doesn't lend itself to doing. At least with XF I can promote them under the sidebar on the right.

Just interested to know what other people handle Traders on their sites.