Toyota begins selling 83-mpg hybrid in Japan


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Some lightly built cars cannot handle local drving for long. Cars like the Fit start falling apart after awhile yet some cars do fine for years. Some car models don't last as long in fly over country. This is all the easy stuff, and is all of one driveway. It is nicer than some of the roads not too far away. Some roads that are at least for me avoidable are 4 wheel drive only and some driveways are worse yet. Most however in the area pictured are similar to this. There are quite a few people that are 20 miles or more from a paved roads, there are even things some people call towns that have roads to them not much better than this.

People in the rural areas of flyover country tend to put a lot of miles on their cars as basic services from some 3k town can be quite far away and to actually shop it can really far. Just getting to a local school is a long drive. Trips across pastures for 7-10 miles is routine. People in these areas would love a high gas milage car but perhaps it is not easy to help people in these areas. If they build them a little more robust and give up a few mpg might work. Instead of 83 mpg let it drop down to 75 mpg and gives us a bit better build quality.


Fred Sherman

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I'd like to see the safety features and crash test rating before I'd let anyone I care about not he roads in Texas is something that small.


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I see your point! Didn't know where "here" was. LOL.
I noticed I made quite a few typos. The area here some people would call the boonies but to others it is the civilized world. My part of the world is often a little neglected.

We make roads by driving over an area enough that the earth gets packed down.