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wang submitted a new resource:

Top X Stats - Show some forum stats on your board index

About this add-on

This add-on is designed to show some forum statistics on your board index.

What will show?

This add on will display x newest members, x higest posting members and x threads. Threads can be pulled out of selected forums and they will sorted out by their recent state, last message, title, number of replies, number of views and number of likes that their first message has received. Sorting will be done on backened end from the add on setting and...
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Unfortunately this is not displaying anything anywhere after installation. Do we need to install some other widgets or any customization?

I do not have your name on the record of users that purchased that add on. Can you please send me in private your paypal address that was used to purchase the add on?


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it is possible to increase the visible length of the thread name?
how do I increase the thread length?

thank you
Yes sir, it is possible. Find this part of code inside the wang_topic_stats_list template:

{xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread}{xen:helper wordTrim, {$thread.title}, 35}
and change 35 to whatever character length you want thread titles to display.