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Top three posters this month.

Is there an add-on that can display the top three posters in the current month in the sidebar? This could be useful in many ways, like posting based competitions, and just generally to encourage user activity. If it doesn't exist, would somebody be able to make one? I figure it should be just a matter of running a simple database query?

Even if no graphs, just a simple list with member names linking to their profile popup (like the one for newest user) would by itself be great!


I will see what I can do. Might take me a few days before I can get started.
If someone else is going to do this as well, post here if you have, I will check before I get started.
P.S.: When you are at it, can you make the same mod have an option of displaying the top three liked users this month? The codes, I presume, should be very similar so if you make one, it shouldn't be too hard to make the other. :)