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If you want the PRO version, you can purchase it on Max Posters, otherwise you can begin use the lite version.
  1. Into LITE version:
    1. Fully customizable and widget options.
    2. Limit cut-off for records (one week, one month, one day,...)
    3. Limit of records to get: max number of max posters to get.
    4. Style properties for customizing.
    5. WidgetFramework Ready.
    6. English add-on with spanish translation.
  2. Into PRO version (in addition to the above):
    1. Publish the max posters in a time: Global, month and today or last day.
    2. Deletes the contents of certain bbcodes.
    3. Only avatars, or lists with or without avatars, etc.
    4. Hooks to common hooks.
    5. Possibility of messages with minimum characters.
    6. Source forums for add-on.
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