First of all I apologize for flipping this thread, but this is the closest topic to what I am looking for:

When I was using vB4 I installed VBSEO as well, which had an integrated function where you could insert a list of words with their matching tooltips.

The result was that when you wrote that word alone the system itself inserted the tooltip without the user's intervention. This is, users did not even need to know that what they were writing would have an emerging (explanatory) text once posted.


Speedy -- Speedmaster

So when you wrote Speedy the system itself inserted the previously saved BB code containing the Speedmaster tooltip...

And this is my question: is there a way to reproduce this effect in XF with the built-in tooltip system?

I don't mind if I have to write a specific BB code for each word, should that was the issue.
Thank you for moving my request from a humble post to a full thread,
I didn't think it was so sophisticated that I didn't get a single answer ...

Actually, what I was expecting is a simple "no, this is not possible" or "yes, this way" from any of the mods/developers...
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