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XF 1.4 Too many user banners, someone, save the postbit!


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Hello there.

I have been trying to figure a right way to achieve what i want. One thing i notice in many of the forums people own around with Xenforo, is that they have HUGE postbit areas, specially now with the banners it just looks odd one simple "1-line post" and one really big postbit information area.

This causes, unnecessary scroll, something i try to fight back.
So my question is, is there one way to be able to have many user banners, but not causing huge scrolls at postbit areas with them?

My ideas end up on:
- Display only high priority banner on postbit and all the banners on user profile.
- One simple toggle, display high priority banner then some button or clickable area to show all the other user banners.

I think the first one is possible editing the postbit template i guess, making it display the high priority banner only but have the option forum display all banners triggered on. I just don't know how to do it, ideas?



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@Steve F thanks for pointing that, that is a really a smart tweak ;), i do not really have things under user banners so your CSS tweak won't hide them. Is there a way you can poin't your CSS to the extra user banners only?


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No news around this?
It's something that Xenforo fails at me, because it could only display 1 banner at postbit and display all the X user applicable banners on its profile, if there is one option to display one highest priority on postbit, there must be even some direct template edit that can be done:
  • Disable the only highest priority banner but still edit template to force it active on postbit, so this will display only 1 banner at postbit and all the user banners on its profile.

Possible? :)


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Something for this has been suggested here, like it for a chance of success ;)

Meantime I turned a few banners into trophies to help it stay clean, and members still get their colorful toys :whistle: