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XF 1.3 Too Many Sticky Posts on 1st Page


Well-known member
Is there a way to set the settings so if you have say 63 sticky posts, only 25 appear on the first page, and then rest go on pages 2 and 3?


Well-known member
Just want to confirm, currently if you set say 200 sticky threads then the entire page 1st page will consist of 200 sticky threads, correct? There is no way to set a limit of say 25 per page?


Active member
You could always sticky one thread and have links to 200 important threads in that thread. So that way you have stickied one thread which contains 200 thread links.


Well-known member
Why do you need 200 sticky threads in a single forum? Sounds way too many to me. 63 is still too many too.

If these are important threads then you could create a separate forum for these and then create a single sticky that references tge forum or use a notice to point to the forum.


Well-known member
We run a marketplace. People pay to sticky threads. We don't have 200 sticky threads but it won't surprise me in the future if we do. I figured since the Conversation Essentials allows stickies on the 2nd page, so would xF but apparently it isn't the case. It's currently set where stickies automatically appear only on the 1st page.