XF 1.2 Too many spams making my life hell


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Dear Experts here,

I am facing lots of problems with spammers. In my forum, I have lots of spams posted each day despite my earnest efforts to prevent them. So, I am just curious whether I have a loophole in my protection, or it is normal in forums (where mods have to delete the spams on regular basis). As I have just started my community with no real number of members, I don't have any person to help me moderating, so all I have to do by myself.

The measures I have taken:
1) Mandatory user email confirmation during registration
2) Set my registration timer to 25 sec
3) Using Q/A captcha with multiple question
4) Changing captcha Q bi-weekly (Q are like what is the 5th character of ...., or some simple math ... are they too simple?)



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I'm not knocking add ons but you can take care of the spam with the built in tools.
I use the default Keycaptcha from Google. I found questions and answers are to easy to break. (Some may disagree) I also set my user criteria to 0. I dont have a spam problem but very rarely. The built in tools will do the job if you use them correctly.



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Sorry guys, I was out on emergency call immediate after posting the question, so couldn't reply on time. Thanks for all the useful suggestions, will try to apply one by one.

Can you tell us what you have your spam cleaner user criteria set to?

options - spam management.
they all are zero, and honestly I never tried to do anything there coz I wasn't sure what are the uses unless recently. However, ain't they for cure, not prevention, if I am right?