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TONMO.com: The Octopus News Magazine Online


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...is a site about octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus (i.e., cephalopods). Anything / everything to do with them, but it is primarily focused on biology, behavior, and cephalopod-keeping. Launched in May 2000. Started with some little-known forum software, then went to phpbb, then for almost 10 years it was vbulletin. A little less than 2 years ago we switched to xenforo... should have switched sooner! Vb4 was really messing up the community. XF is the best.



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Thanks! The front page is just using a Page Widget within bd-widget framework, and that area is using a widget group. The Page Widget layout feature is tricky (and a bit buggy) but I understand the new beta version has a much more intuitive approach for this; drag and drop. I'm waiting on that to make some further changes to the homepage but will keep the tabbed approach. Note, all contents load with each page load.
You have most defiantly created a niche here. I didn't even know that communities like this existed and now I do. Great stuff. I love the banner and how it flows the whole top of the pages.
I love the default page and how the latest,top etc post are there. Makes it easy to find the best and latest posts.
Overall I really like it.