Tips of creative usage of the RM


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Is there anyone out there who managed to kick off the RM into a completely different direction?

I'm a bit lost in why initially was sooo eager in purchasing it and am trying to come up with some alternate usage for it.

Anthony Parsons

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I'm currently modifying one version of it into a therapist directory.

There is a modification of it into an article repository in the resources section.
For now I let me and members upload game code (source codes) for various languages that they don't mind releasing. At some point, I will eventually convert it to a place that has free & paid codes as well as games or apps or dev tools where members can sell stuff.
Thanks for the inputs. My initial plan was a directory with user generated content but I'm not sure my user group will completely get how to place any reviews etc in to it so for now it feels a little bit down to the managing team to fill it up and then I got lost on the way if anyone knows what I mean. :oops: